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The Energy & Carbon Monitoring Platform for Hotels and the Hospitality Sector – GREENFootprint

GREENFootprint Information Document

What gets measured, gets managed – Peter Drucker 1954

Avoid Energy Waste

It is vitally important to know, in real time, when your electricity, gas/oil, etc. is being used, and how much, so that you can implement control measures immediately – especially if you have an unexplained increase in consumption.

Avoid Estimated Readings

No more in-house meter readings are required and real consumption costs can be measured monthly and accrued for. There will be no surprises at year end.

Reduce Time Wasting / Improve Productivity

If once-a-day readings (a minimum efficiency standard) of 4 meters are taken on a 7-day cycle averaging 15 minutes a day (365 readings per meter per annum) this equates to 91 man-hours spent gathering information and a similar time spent loading it into a spreadsheet giving 182 hours annually at a cost of c. 3,640.

A 4-reader GREENFootprint system will cost 960 annually – 75% less – and deliver you 24/7 information in hourly segments (8,760 readings per meter per annum) and analyse and present it in a usable and actionable format.

Reduce your Energy Consumption & Costs

Take control of your energy use – identify excess consumption – identify savings – track reductions promised from new equipment – start managing your energy instead of just paying for it.

Using a monitoring system as a management tool can deliver energy savings of between 5-25% annually – more than paying for the system.