The Energy & Water Monitoring Platform for Hotels and the Hospitality Sector – GREENFootprint

GREENFootprint Information Document

Avoid Energy & Water Waste

It is vitally important to know, in real time, when your electricity, gas and water is being used, and how much, so that you can implement control measures immediately especially if you have a leak or unexplained increase in energy because a machine is left on.

Avoid Estimated Readings

No more in-house meter readings are required and real consumption costs can be measured monthly and accrued for. There will be no surprises at year end.

Reduce Time Wasting / Improve Productivity

If once-a-day readings (a minimum efficiency standard) of 4 meters are taken on a 5-day cycle averaging 15 minutes a day (260 readings per meter per annum) this equates to 65 man-hours spent gathering information and a similar time spent loading it into a spreadsheet giving 65 hours annually at a cost of c. 1,300. A 4-unit GREENFootprint system will cost from 960 annually – 26% less – and deliver you 24/7 information in hourly segments (8,760 readings per meter per annum) and analyse and present it in a useable and actionable format.