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The Tourism Space Live – 17th January 2019 – Thomond Park

What is The Tourism Space LIVE?      TO BOOK AND MORE INFORMATION

The Tourism Space LIVE promises to be the fastest way to create a New Year Power Surge in yourself and your business.

It’s a chance to invest in your personal and professional development within the tourism industry, drawing energy and inspiration from others who operate in the same space as you, and who face the same opportunities and challenges as you.  It blends motivation and inspiration with practical application and know-how.  You will walk away with ideas and action plans that will empower you to enhance the commercial success of your tourism and hospitality business.

It is a one-day tourism industry event about business, self-empowerment and achieving excellence that:

1.  encourages you to build your own vision for greatness, building your personal motivation and helping you achieve greater clarity and confidence.

2.  focuses on your key business diagnostics that determine the turnover, profit and margins of your commercial operation.

3.  draws on some of the best minds practicing tourism and business today to disrupt old thinking and stimulate new perspectives on being in the tourism business.



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