There are many services available to hospitality businesses that will enable them to become more Resource Efficient, Sustainable and Responsible.    We have grouped all our services under the GREENSave title – as they are all designed to save your business money and reduce waste and enable you to position your business to be marketed as a Green and Sustainable business.  (Don’t forget the impact on all your stakeholders – staff, investors, suppliers, etc. who are also motivated and impressed by businesses adopting sustainability as a core business ethos)

Each of our services are briefly introduced here and then linked to their relevant webpage (some still under development).  You can browse through each/all to find out what supports we can provide but if your business spends more than €50,000 annually on Energy, Water & Landfill Waste and you don’t have a saving/reduction programme in place then you should immediately ask to assess your businesses performance.  We always recommend that new businesses initially apply for our GREENStart service which allows us to Benchmark your performance, Conduct a site visit and produce a Resource Efficiency Review which will include specific actions designed to reduce your costs.

You are not required to become a member and are not required to achieve certification to avail of our expertise and support. membership does give you access to discounted services and ongoing support and access to the members website but that is a choice each business will make.

The most important decision you will take is to contact and engage us to offer you independent advice that will reduce your business costs.  Full details of our services, packages and costs can be found here – Services and Packages


Resource Efficiency Support

A core target of any Resource Efficiency support from is to identify and support the achievement of savings that will more than pay for the cost of any service.  Therefore, hospitality businesses that engage with will engage in a win/win scenario.  To find out more about any of the following supports or services just click on the Services Tab above and select from the Drop Down menu

GREENCheck – Most businesses do not have the onsite skills and knowledge that will allow them to undertake a Resource Efficiency assessment of their business.  Often, they rely on suppliers to advise them of potential improvements. will benchmark your business first, followed by a site visit and opportunity assessment.  This service can form part of the annual support service from (recommended to any hospitality businesses spending more than €50,000 annually on energy, water & waste) or can be booked as a one-off.  This is our base offer as it will identify what steps/actions and savings are available/required and each business can then decide the next steps.  (Ask about our Guaranteed Savings Service!)

GREENEnergy – Saving energy is one of the largest cost reduction opportunities for any business and has extensive experience in assisting hospitality businesses in identifying those opportunities and assisting them in implementing the required actions. can also secure third party funding (Grant Aid) for energy reduction projects that create energy savings (These are called Energy Credits – WARNING - many supplier companies will make offers relating to these energy credits – generally not in your best interests! – has a No Cost support service to maximise the potential grant aid to your business – talk to us before you embark on any energy reduction programme – especially changing your light bulbs – let us assess your project and make a proposal to you)

GREENTrack – Benchmarking is at the centre of any Resource Efficiency programme and we have extensive information on hospitality benchmarks.  This is the starting point for any business and has developed a number of tools to allow businesses to benchmark their performance – whole of business, departmental, equipment specific, etc.    Access to these tools are included within membership

We are developing an online resource consumption and benchmark service to further support this important management tool.  Currently we create and publish annual benchmark statistics for the Irish hotel sector and as other sectors data comes available we will publish theirs.

GREENFood – In recent years our national Benchmarking programme has identified that the average Irish Hotel throws away c. 50 tonnes of food annually – 70% of which is avoidable – this is costing the sector in excess of €170,000,000 or €210,000 per hotel – AVOIDABLE.  The whole catering sector is assessed at c. €400,000,000 AVOIDABLE annually.    We are developing advice/guidance and support for catering businesses who wish to reduce their food waste and working with a number of leading hotels in implementing solutions – that work.

GREENLeisure – we are currently developing a resource efficiency guide for good practice for leisure centres with swimming pools and the guide and support information will be published online here for free access.


Green Marketing Support – this is our Consumer Website for all “Green” businesses in Ireland – members have free access (T&C) and any other business can be listed subject to the listing criteria.  This site is promoted to third parties who are interested in Responsible and Sustainable Travel – Government Departments, Semi-State bodies,  Responsible Companies (BITC, etc.), Tour Operators, etc. who look to place their business with responsible hospitality businesses.

And of course the consumer – national and international – looking to minimise their footprint and engage more closely with real tourism as opposed to a bland corporate approach.

Green Destinations – Find out how your destination can avail of Green Recognition.  Attract more visitors to the area by offering a responsible location which provides responsible hospitality businesses and is a great place to base themselves.  Supporting local enterprise, food, drink, crafts and developing a sustainable community.  More information here………

Green Hospitality Certification- our Internationally Recognised Environmental Certification programme – any size hospitality business can achieve one of our Eco-labels or awards which enables them to communicate their responsible and sustainable approach to any customer.  We recommend  that businesses who wish to maintain a strong and vibrant environmental cost reduction programme also embed certification as a tool that will maintain the savings, whilst enabling a competitive marketing edge to be achieved – not forgetting all your stakeholders – especially staff who like to work for responsible businesses – don’t you?  

Don’t you want your business to be recognised as a Responsible and Sustainable Business?  And when being Responsible and Sustainable reduces your costs isn’t this the smart business decision?

Green Festivals & Events – We have a separate programme designed to support Festivals and Events in achieving environmental recognition.  This can be implemented for one-off or series festivals/events.