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There are many services available to hospitality businesses that will enable them to become more Resource Efficient, Sustainable and Responsible.    We have grouped all our services under the GREENSave title – as they are all designed to save your business money and reduce waste and enable you to position your business to be marketed as a Green and Sustainable business.  (Don’t forget the impact on all your stakeholders – staff, investors, suppliers, etc. who are also motivated and impressed by businesses adopting sustainability as a core business ethos)

Each of our services are briefly introduced here and then linked to their relevant webpage (some still under development).  You can browse through each/all to find out what supports we can provide but if your business spends more than €75,000 annually on Energy, Water & Landfill Waste and you don’t have a saving/reduction programme in place then you should immediately ask to assess your businesses performance.  We always recommend that new businesses initially apply for our GREENStart service which allows us to Benchmark your performance, Conduct a site visit and produce a Resource Efficiency Review which will include specific actions designed to reduce your costs.

You are not required to become a member and are not required to achieve certification to avail of our expertise and support. membership does give you access to discounted services and ongoing support and access to the members website but that is a choice each business will make.

The most important decision you will take is to contact and engage us to offer you independent advice that will reduce your business costs.  Full details of our services, packages and costs can be found here…. Membership & Services 2018 v3.9 Fees and Application Form 3.8.doc


Resource Efficiency Support

A core target of any Resource Efficiency support from is to identify and support the achievement of savings that will more than pay for the cost of any service.  Therefore, hospitality businesses that engage with will engage in a win/win scenario.  To find out more about any of the following supports or services just click on the Services Tab above and select from the Drop Down menu


Our initial consulting service which provides on-site visit(s) designed to identify specific cost saving opportunities within energy, water and waste.  This service includes an initial benchmarking to identify the current business’s performance and an MRSO electricity consumption profile.    (This service will include specific analysis of a properties opportunities relating to – Lighting, M&T, Electricity Supply Optimisation, Electricity Demand Side Management, Energy Directive Credits opportunities, etc.)

GREENSupport – A Green Trading Company service

This service, where relevant, follows on from the GREENStart review and will be a bespoke programme for each business with defined projected deliverables.  These could consist of cost savings, employee awareness, green marketing, certification advice & support and would normally include energy optimisation, demand side management and energy credit support and guidance.

GTC will agree the fee structure of any GREENSupport proposal with each business with clear deliverables required by both GTC and the business within an agreed timescale.  This will ensure both parties are committed to the plans set out.

A GREENSupport proposal could include any of the following: 


Lighting – GREENLight – we assess the potential to make savings by switching to more energy effective lighting

Equipment – we assess opportunities to manage equipment better and potential replacement or new technology/equipment

GREENCredit – Grant Aid – we assess the level of grant aid available for energy efficiency projects and lead the application process 


Our ½ day site visit service which can be tailored to whatever needs the business has.  This could include; Certification Implementation training, staff training, project review support, senior management briefing, deep reviews of RE issues within the business, etc. 


Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) is a vital step to enable any business achieve deep savings and control over the medium to long-term – especially with energy and water.  We work with preferred suppliers to start you off on this process with the potential to build an internal M&T system that provides useful and timely information. 


We assess the level of food waste being created and offer a bespoke service to support the business in implementing deep changes to the food production culture and operation – leading to substantial reductions in costs and improved profitability.

GREENLeisure – we are developing a resource efficiency guide for good practice for leisure centres with swimming pools and the guide and support information will be published online here for free access.

Green Marketing Support

Do you want your business to be recognised as a Responsible and Sustainable Business?  And when being Responsible and Sustainable reduces your costs isn’t this the smart business decision? – this is our Consumer Website for all “Green” businesses in Ireland – members have free access (T&C) and any other business can be listed subject to the listing criteria.  This site is promoted to third parties who are interested in Responsible and Sustainable Travel – Government Departments, Semi-State bodies,  Responsible Companies (BITC, etc.), Tour Operators, etc. who look to place their business with responsible hospitality businesses.

And of course the consumer – national and international – looking to minimise their footprint and engage more closely with real tourism as opposed to a bland corporate approach.

Green Destinations – Find out how your destination can avail of Green Recognition.  Attract more visitors to the area by offering a responsible location which provides responsible hospitality businesses and is a great place to base themselves.  Supporting local enterprise, food, drink, crafts and developing a sustainable community.  More information here…….

Green Festivals & Events – We have a separate programme designed to support Festivals and Events in achieving environmental recognition.  This can be implemented for one-off or series festivals/events. More information here..


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