GREENClean Tersano – Lotus Pro System

GREENClean Tersano uses only water to clean and sanitise like bleach – safer for you, safer for your customer, better for your pocket. Kills Coronovirus We have systems for small to the largest business – download our brochure and contact us directly at maurice@gclean.ie to answer any queriesgreen clean



Product Description

Changing the way you Clean

(Supporting your fight against Covid-19)

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GREENClean Tersano Lotus Pro turns tap water into a safe, effective cleaner and sanitiser that works stronger than bleach and hydrogen peroxide, without the hazardous odors or toxic chemical residues that come with traditional cleaning chemicals. It can be used throughout your business and replaces most current cleaning chemicals.

GREENClean Tersano is a revolutionary & environmentally safe methodology of cleaning that reduces chemical use by up to 100% whilst reducing air pollution and improving the environmental credentials of your business-It also Cleans and Sanitises in one-supporting your fight against coronavirus!

GREENClean Tersano delivers substantial savings on traditional cleaning chemicals-at least 50%. From only Euro 3.01 per day – for your whole business – especially now when traditional chemical costs will soar with increased cleaning.

GREENClean Tersano protects your employees and customers from toxic emissions from cleaning chemicals and reduces allergic reactions to chemicals – a growing Health & Safety concern.

Low initial setup cost

Immediate Substantial savings

Kills Coronavirus – as good as bleach, without the dangers

No Long-Term Commitment

Better for People (Customers & Staff) and the Planet


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