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This sample analysis was created from a members electricity data for 2019 – we download this from ESB Networks and use software to decrypt it and then analyse it.

Normally this is done once a year to enable an overview of the businesses consumption and the level of detail can be assessed by day and by 15 minute segment – delivering a wealth of information.

An in-house monitoring system will deliver this information at a businesses fingertips and can have warning alarms set to highlight excess consumption – allowing management to take action TO SAVE MONEY

95%+ of hotels in Ireland do not have access to on site monitoring of energy or water and are therefore completely in the dark. (Allied with 95% of hotel swimming pools having no pool cover!) With the average 80 bedroom hotel spending c. 200,000 annually on energy and water this suggests a failure of management.

Metering and Monitoring systems can reduce consumption by 5-20%, when used properly as they identify excess usage and result in employee behavioural change when they know they are being monitored – paybacks can be as quick as 2-3 months!

GHP has a low cost monitoring service available for members – GREENFootprint. Make a smart move for 2020 – especially with Autumn/Winter approaching and invest in an M&M System (If used successfully to reduce energy GHP can access Grant Aid which will pay for the system)