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Welcome  to the GREENMark programme – this is a light eco-label (micro certification programme) which will enable you to start implementing environmental sustainability, with an emphasis on resource efficiency, within your business. It provides tools, checklists and actions that you should be implementing and should be your first step towards improving your business’s sustainability performance.

GREENMark Resource Section

Green Track – Download Here

The resources provided here will assist you in implementing the Eco-Friendly Business GREENMark. This is not a comprehensive list of resources as there are so many available. Start here and as you become more comfortable with embedding sustainability within your business, expand your knowledge and search for more. When you want to be recognised for your actions and use the GREENMark logo to promote your environmental commitment and actions then become a GREENMark member – Application Form

Guide to the Eco-Friendly Standards – This Guide provides additional information and explanations about the standards and how you should implement them – This is a must first read

Green Track – This tool sets out the 20/22 standards that a business must implement before they can achieve the GREENMark – and are designed to enable a business to follow and implement a light environmental management system – an explanation is provided in the Introduction – read it carefully before starting – Download your copy of Green Track Here – create a folder on your PC/Laptop and save it there and then start your sustainability programme. (Make sure you save copies of all documentation you create in this folder as it will assist you when you want to achieve recognition)

The following resources will assist you in implementing the GREENMark standards listed in the Green Track tool.

Carbon Calculator – When you have completed the Waste and Emissions Trackers in our Green Track tool you can use the data in our online Free Carbon Footprint Calculator to estimate the Carbon Footprint of your business.

Energy Management – SEAI have good business advice online and there is an excellent Building Resource Guide and a specific Hospitality Lighting Factsheet

Failte Ireland – There are a number of guides available from the FI Climate Action Business Supports Hub.  Use these to support your actions and any other guides FI produce.  Climate Action Supports.

Water Management – Check out the Irish Water Business webpages and read the enclosed Good Practice Guide

Waste Management – There are plenty of good practice guides online but the real focus should be on minimising food waste – read these – Less Food Waste/More Profit Food Waste Factsheet SHAReducing Commercial Food Waste in Ireland

Waste Management Plastic Smart GREENMark – Free access to our Single Use Plastic programme resources is available here

Communication – We have a number of good communication guides here – Marketing Handbook Employee AwarenessGreen Noticeboard

Website CommunicationDownload Here – View the websites included within the enclosed document to see how other business’s are communicating their sustainability message to customers.

Green Procurement – The Sustainability Hospitality Alliance Green Procurement Guide is a good start

Training – We have a list of free training courses available – Click Here

Local Community Engagement – find out if your destination/location is engaged with any of the following programmes, or work with the community to get them engaged, or start a local sustainability programme – Tidy Towns, Green Schools, Green Coast, IBAL, 2GoCup,

Leave no Trace – All business’s should be members of Leave no Trace and promote the principles to all stakeholders – check out their Website here

All Ireland Pollinator Programme – All business’s should sign up to the All Ireland Pollinator Plan and implement some direct action – Read the Current Plan here and check out their Website Here

Other Free Resources

If you provide meetings/events a good read is the Failte Ireland Guide to Running Green Meetings & Events

Case Studies – Resource Efficiency in the Hospitality Sector